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VA ACI 2019 Commonwealth Award
Call for Submissions


Submission forms are now available for the 2019 Commonwealth Award.  The deadline for award submissions is January 10, 2020.

Awards are available for the top project in each of the following 6 categories:
Low-Rise Buildings (up to 3 stories) - Residential (multi-family and houses), school, commercial, warehouse and industrial, etc.
Mid-Rise Buildings (4 - 15 stories)
High-Rise Buildings (more than 15 stories)
Infrastructure - Bridges, site structures, water resource structures, marine structures, other transportation structures
Decorative Concrete - counters, furniture, exterior and interior finishes, ornamentation, etc.
Repair and Restoration
* the awards selection committee reserves the right to change the category for the award entry based on the award submission details
The winners in each of the 6 categories will used to choose one single project epitomizing the most unique and effective use of concrete and will be recognized as the overall Commonwealth Award winner for 2019.
If you know of a project that was substantially completed in 2019, please download a copy of the award submission form above and help make sure it receives the recognition it deserves.  Awards winners are chosen based on incorporation of significant architectural, technical or sustainable concepts or for having a substantial quantity of concrete used in the construction.
2018 Commonwealth Award Winner


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