Masonry Laboratory Testing

The ACI Certification process is rigorous, and those taking the examinations should be familiar with the testing requirements as noted at:

The Education Review Sessions are excellent ways for new technicians, contractors, producers, and engineers to learn about masonry test procedures, their basis, and proper ways to sample and test masonry materials. They also serve as an excellent way for experienced testing technicians to prepare for the Certification Examinations. They will not however, be effective in teaching someone relatively new to masonry to be immediately ready to take the ACI Certification Examinations.

For the review sessions, instructors will review provide training via Power Point and complete typical tests for masonry units, mortar, grout and assemblies, including ASTM C140, C780, C1019, and C1314, and other important procedures, as well as those addressed by the ACI Certification Examinations. After the classroom portion of the Review Sessions, a practical hands-on session will be offered so that attendees can observe, and in some cases try their hands at, specimen preparation and masonry testing.

Approximate times are 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM for the review session and 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM for the certification examination.

Session will be hosted at locations to be provided on the registration page.

Topics and tests include:

  • Sampling & Testing CMU per ASTM C140

  • Sampling & Testing Brick per ASTM C67

  • Evaluation of Mortars using ASTM C780 (field) and ASTMC270 (lab)

  • Sampling & Testing Grout using ASTM C1019

  • Construction & Testing of Masonry Prisms using ASTM C1314

  • Capping Masonry Specimens using ASTM C1552